Real Wedding

Loren & Mitch

Amanda Pomilla Photography

We had our first phone call about their wedding while they were on a road trip, and I got to know them a little better. The excitement kept gaining as they described their wedding day in detail. They have cousins performing an Irish step dance routine! Loren’s whole family freaks out when we play Johnny B. Goode and falls on the floor to dance! There are sentimental items set up in the ceremony hall to remember the loved ones who cannot join us. A bible is open for guests to highlight favorite passages and write their name. Sweet little Rose, their dog, walked down the aisle as flower pup wielding a Go Pro!

Next we talked about entertainment, and they brought it! A mariachi band greeted everyone at the cocktail hour while all of the guests danced their hearts out. True to Loren’s statement, there was some serious floor dancing when the appropriate track played! Later, a donut tasting table is set up for all of the guests to create their own dessert. I could hear them talking about how the night should never end!

There were lots of sweet moments, and I hope Loren and Mitch were able to soak it all in before the end of the night. And thank you to both of them for working in the sunset portrait time, they are such a lovely couple!
— Amanda Pomilla, Photographer